Alpyn Beauty – Skincare

I recently have made the switch to using skincare products with clean ingredients. After researching and looking for skincare products that were cruelty-free and had clean ingredients I came across Alpyn Beauty. Why I was drawn to Alpyn Beauty apart from being cruelty-free and having clean ingredients was because they were available at Sephora (sounds like a silly reason I know). I not only like buying products while earning points at the same time, but also when a brand is only sold on their independent website you never know what their customer support looks like. I know that if I don’t like a product Sephora will take it back with no hassle. Let’s be honest not everyone’s skin is the same so what works for one person might not work for the next. So I don’t like sharing or buying beauty products from places that won’t guarantee yours or my satisfaction.

More reasons for why I chose to use items form Alpyn beauty was because they had good reviews, their cleanser won a 2020 Birdie (eco beauty award), have aesthetically pleasing packaging, certified vegan, 100% recyclable glass, minimal packaging, and are a sponsor of the Wild Treasure Campaign.

Products I Have Tried

Plant Genius Creamy Bubbling Cleanser

Not only did the cleanser win a 2020 birdie award (eco beauty award) but this cleanser is rich in antioxidants and has ingredients in it that leaves your skin soft and silky while also nourishing your skin with essential vitamins. This cleanser comes in a recyclable glass container (pump included). I have fallen in love this the cleanser. It leave my skin feeling clean, smooth, and energized. This product isn’t overly drying on the skin which is something I tend to struggle with when trying new cleansers. I give this product the Meredithsfinds seal of approval! The container is 4 fl. oz and cost $36.

Calming Midnight Mask With Melatonin & Wild Dandelion

Can you say sweet dreams? Not only does your skin look fabulous but its delightful natural scent leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for bedtime. This overnight mask is packed with antioxidants and melatonin. There is also wild dandelion, hyaluronic acid, and natural non- irritating alternatives for retinol (bakuchiol). This mask comes in a glass packaging (pump included) it is 2.0 fl oz and costs $68

Here is a better look at all of the products that they offer. You can shop all of these products by clicking on this photo. It will bring you directly to my LTK.

Let’s Get Organized

Today’s blog post is dedicated to different items that help with the organization of my apartment. These are things I have personally purchased or am going to buy to help organize my apartment. A one-bedroom apartment with two dogs and my fiancé is getting a little tricky to keep clean. Within this blog post, I will include different organization tips a trick.

All of the photos in this post are “shop-able”. If you like something just click on it and it will take you to where you can buy that item!

Let’s get started!

Let’s start with the bathroom. Above this, you will see some images of different organizational/ storage items that I recommend for the bathroom. First is the rotating beauty organizer. I have this on my counter so that I have all the products I use frequently readily available. This helps me know exactly where everything is without having to search through a drawer. It also prevents me from leaving everything scattered on my countertop. This would also be great for under your sink!

Next, you will see some stackable drawers these drawers are great for under your sink. These help with proving more storage. I personally will use an expo marker to label what’s inside. Lastly are these stackable bins for inside your drawers. These are great because you can customize them to meet your needs. I use mine to organize my makeup and other beauty products.

Ottomans are great for living rooms, bedrooms, or where you need extra seating! We have two of these in our apartment. One of our ottomans is in our living room and we use it to store board games and extra blankets. The second ottoman is in our bedroom and we use it for clothing! I Highly recommend an ottoman of some sort. Wayfair has a ton of options! They act as extra seating as well which is great if you have limited space. Our dogs love the one in our bedroom it acts as there dog bed! They also sometimes have ottomans on sale at Home-goods, TJmaxx, or Ross.

Let’s talk about jewelry! I absolutely hate when jewelry is in plain sight and looks like a hot mess. The hanging option is a great way to store all of my jewelry! None of my stuff gets tangled and I don’t have to look at it unless I want to. I use mine for things I don’t wear as frequently because I do tend to forget about it. I am defiantly the type of person that if it is not in my line of sight I probably will not use that item or wear it. The acrylic organizer is ascetically pleasing in my opinion so this sits on my dresser/counter with my jewelry that is nicer/something I wear often.

This drawer organizer has been LIFE changing for me. My undergarment drawer was a HOT MESS before I bought these. The one thing that Kyle use to make fun of me for was my dresser drawers. I defiantly am one to shove things into drawers if I don’t have a clear system for organizing my things. I have lost so many socks and never had a pair of socks that matched ready to go but now that I use this system I always have a pair of socks ready for when I need them!

These kitchen items are fairly self-explanatory! I own the bamboo utensil organizer and love it! We also like having the gorilla grip throughout our cabinets it keeps them nice and clean. Lastly, the bamboo bins are great for organizing smaller things especially great for a coffee bar!

This last item is a bit of a splurge but I cannot stand how our wire crate looks especially since we live in a small apartment! Not only would these look better in our apartment but they could be used as a side table! You could use yours differently but how we have our apartment set up that is how we would use ours.

EWG APP and Transitioning to Clean Beauty

I heard about the EWG app a few months ago and was too scared to see the harsh reality of all my beauty products. I was scared that I would be so disgusted with the ingredients in my products that I would end up having nothing to use and my wallet was not ready to take that kinda hit. Can you imagine having to buy all new makeup, skincare, and haircare?!?! I buy two things at Sephora and feel so guilty. Yet as my skin started to progressively worsen and so did my conscience (knowing that I could be using harmful products on my skin didn’t settle well) so I decided it was about time to take a look at my products and their ingredients. So I downloaded the EWG app and oh my word over half of my products had ingredients that were either cancer, allergy, or developmental concerns. No wonder I was breaking out and feeling guilty about the products I was using. If you think about it though it makes sense everything we put on our skin it absorbs…… Our skin is the largest organ in our body so why don’t we respect it more? Also, guys, cosmetic regulations haven’t been updated since 1938 in the US!!!!!!!


So after throwing /giving away the majority of my beauty products I decided that I was only going to purchase products from here on out that have relatively clean ingredients and are cruelty-free (I still have some products that have clean (ish) ingredients but are not cruelty-free. I am going to continue to use them but will not be repurchasing). Before purchasing anything from now on out I will look up each product to make sure it was cruelty-free and has clean ingredients. The EWG app allows you to look up individual ingredients and products. The app will rate the product and or ingredient and explain why it can be harmful. Not all products are in their database, especially newer products. Yet you can submit products you would like for them to add to the database. It is sad to me that you have you go through such a hassle to find the truth about the ingredients in our beauty products. Just because a company is raving about all the good ingredients in their products doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding bad ones on the back of the bottle. That’s why it is so important to look up each ingredient (yes it’s a hassle but it will make you feel better about spending $30 on that new foundation).

Why is it important to have products with clean ingredients?

Let me ask you a question. Why do people try to eat healthy? Because it is “good for them”, ” makes them feel better “, “their body is a temple” etc. Well, why eat healthy if you’re putting harsh ingredients on your face that could be cancerous? Your girl loves hot Cheetos but I know I shouldn’t eat them because they are bad for me. Yet I can make excuses about my foundation because it’s pretty…. Yet it includes harsh ingredients? It doesn’t make much sense to me. Now don’t get me wrong I am new at this whole clean beauty thing but I kept putting it off because someone would share these new products and I would be so influenced to purchase them that I didn’t even care to look at its ingredient nor did I know better. Yet a few months ago I started to hear more about clean beauty and knew that I needed to check out my beauty products but I was too scared to see the reality of the products that I have been using and sharing. But it wasn’t fair to myself or you guys to share products that could be harmful. Also, why would I spend all this money on a beauty product that is going to hurt me? Why wouldn’t I use that same money to find a product that does the same thing yet is good for me? So I finally decided to make the switch. I saved up some money and decided it was time to treat my skin and body with more respect. I am not saying you’re a bad person if you don’t use clean beauty products. I just needed to share this APP and my reasons of why I switched to clean beauty products, so you could know more about clean beauty and why I’m not using products that I use to share. I respect all your choices. Just know that from this point forward I will not be recommending any products that I don’t think are good for your skin. I am still learning so all of my recommendations might not be perfect but let’s learn together and make our skin great again.

-Meredith Foreman


Importance of Traditions – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. I mean don’t get me wrong I love decorating for Christmas but the traditions my family had instilled an unconditional love for Thanksgiving in me. Thanksgiving to me is all about being thankful for one another, enjoying the company around you, and reflecting in all the wonderful things in your life.

Traditions. Thanksgiving has shown me the importance of family traditions. I am from Phoenix Arizona and every year since I can remember my family and I would head up to a Sedona Arizona. My sisters and cousins and I would get signed out from school early to head up to Sedona. Even though it was only a few hours before the bell I always felt so cool.

Upon arrival, we would all unpack and get some warmer clothes on. We would all walk down to the creek to enjoy the fall leaves. Our favorite thing to do was to travel up and down the creek by jumping rock to rock. Just laughing and trying to navigate our way without getting wet. After we would go back to the cabin and enjoy hot chocolate with EXTRA marshmallows. Followed by plenty of board games and movies

The day before Thanksgiving included lots of meal prep for the big meal we had ahead of us! We also would hike, head into town, and enjoy one another company. For dinner the night before Thanksgiving we always had homemade pasta and meatballs! After we all would sit down and play some card games! There was no service where we stayed so it was nice to not have any electronics or phones to distract us!

Thanksgiving Morning – As we all started to wake up we would sit and watch the Thanksgiving parade while my mom started the big Thanksgiving meal. After we would all go on a short Thanksgiving hike. During our hike is where we got most of our family photos for our Christmas cards. Once our hike was over my sisters, cousins, and I would head into town for a Thanksgiving coffee and some cell reception to send out our Thanksgiving text messages to our friends.

Thanksgiving Afternoon– Once we got back from town the smell of turkey was in the air. Appetizers were ready as we watched some football and enjoyed the creek a little bit more. Once it was time for the meal everyone lined up to get some food! Once everyone got their food we all went around the table saying one thing that we were thankful for before eating.

Every year we had- Sweet Mashed Potatoes with Marshmallows, White Mashed Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, Stuffing (some from in the bird and some not), Gelatin Mold (sounds gross but its AMAZING), Green beans, Rolls, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, and of course TURKEY.

*Sometimes we would make a casserole but not every year.

Dessert – Pie ( Peach, Pecan, Cherry, Pumpkin), and Ice cream

Thanksgiving night- We all would sit together and watch Christmas movies while eating some leftovers (Our famous Thanksgiving sandwiches). Another huge part of Thanksgiving night was making homemade Christmas cookies. We would roll out the dough and cut the cookies out in various shapes and decorate them after decorating cookies most of us fell asleep watching more Christmas movies.

The day after Thanksgiving we always went into town for a little shopping but most importantly a morning Starbucks and why I say most important is because we would all get our first-holiday drink. We all would wait until the day after thanksgiving to get one of the Starbucks holiday drinks! After a long day of shopping, eating leftovers, and relaxing prepared us for that night. Every year we would attempt a polar bear dip in the creek every year it varied on who participated but it was always a great way to end our trip.

Thanksgiving will forever hold a special place in my heart as my sisters and I have gotten older our traditions have shifted but these memories have instilled the desire to create new one and hold onto my past traditions. Happy holiday. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wish I had more digital photos to share. I will have to go through some photo albums!

Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home – Smile Brilliant

Hello everyone I have officially completed my Smile Brilliant journey. I had a wonderful experience. I have always wanted whiter teeth but have had such a horrible experiences when whiting my teeth. In the past I have used several different whitening strips but had no luck. I was never content with my results and then the sensitivity that I would experience made the whole experience not worth it. I don’t know if I just have sensitive teeth or if my dental history is the reason. I’ve had several cavities in the past and I have two caps on my back molars.

Smile Brilliant costs around $150 which sounds like hefty price just for white teeth. But Smile Brilliant definitely makes it worth your while. With smile brilliant you get custom whitening trays molded to your teeth. They send you a very detailed kit explaining how to create your molds (if you have trouble I created an IGTV video to help you though the process). It took about a week to get my whitening trays back after sending in my molds in. When I got my molds back they we a perfect fit and they even checked in to make sure I was satisfied with them.

Results– This is a before and after photo of my teeth prior to using smile brilliant and then after using smile brilliant. I got 10 sessions out of my kit but I could have gotten more if I used less of the gel each time. I was very content with my results. I chose not to use my kit every day. If I used it everyday for 10 days back to back I feel as if my result would have been even better. I just did not want to risk feeling any sensitivity.

Before-Smile Brilliant After- Smile Brilliant

**Photos from my entire experience are at the end of this blog post

Helpful Links

Smile Brilliant: custom

whitening trays:


desensitizing gel:

Packaging: 9/10- everything included in my smile brilliant box was very organized and easy to use. It was a very instagramable experience but I do wish that it included a whitening scale so you could see what level of whiteness my teeth started vs what you ended at. In retrospect, I wish that I purchased this on amazon before using smile brilliant so I could better share my results. here is an example of the scale I wish the kit included

Customer Service: 10/10- I was more than pleased with the customer experience I received. They have such a friendly, helpful, and understanding staff.

Sensitivity: 8/10 – I did not experience any crazy sensitivity while using Smile Brilliant, thanks to the desensitizing gel! I also have very sensitive teeth. I did space out each of my whitening sessions though so that could be a factor.

Outcome: 10/10- I am so happy with how my teeth turned out! I love how after I whitened my teeth it didn’t just make them look white for that one day. My results have lasted for awhile now and are still going strong!

Overall Process: 10/10- This is the best whitening experience I have had by far! I have used countless amounts of strips and brands in the past and they don’t even compare to Smile Brilliant. A huge reason why I love smile brilliant is the lack of sensitivity I felt! Whitening strips would make my teeth sensitive for the rest of the day and I still would not be content with my result.

GIVEAWAY- You could get your very own whitening kit customized to your teeth for free!! Click on this link and enter my giveaway for your very own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit! These kits are valued at $150. (Giveaway ends in 2 weeks at 8:45pm)

**if 25 need to enter in order to choose a winner

These are pictures from before Smile Brilliant to after Smile Brilliant. I took photos after each whitening session. Near the end I started to space out my whitening sessions which may have effected my results. If you were to do them back to back I believe your results would be even better!


Professional Teeth Whitening //

Target Finds 11/16

Target is for sure one of my favorite stores. I honestly should stop going there for the sake of my bank account but…. I can’t stop lol, it’s addicting. I have been bad about sharing my target finds on my blog but they’re always on my Instagram. If you are not following me already and would like to see more frequent fashion finds/lifestyle tips, follow me! You will find me under @meredithsfinds!

Below I have all the items that I tried on along with a link to the items that are available online!

Wearing a size small- runs true to size
This coat is great for the holidays, it’s a cozy sherpa material on the outside while the inside is almost a jersey material. I was actually happy the sherpa material wasn’t on the inside because it will make layering much easier. I hate when I take my coat or jacket off and the material sheds onto my shirt underneath! This coat will not leave you with that problem.
Wearing a size small- runs true to size
I have been eyeing this sweater for a long time! It is very soft on the inside and I love what it says. The colors are very fun, yet neutral, which is awesome because I will be able to wear it with anything.
plus sized option –
Wearing a size medium (they were out of my size)
This jacket will keep you very warm! It feels very well made. I found this quarter zip in the work out section.
Full Zip Version-
top and bottoms are a size small- runs true to size
OMG these pajama pants feel like nothing i’ve ever felt before. I knew they would be comfortable just by feeling them but once these bad boys were on my legs holy cow it was life changing! The top was also very cozy.
Pajama Pants-
Pajama Sweatshirt- wasn’t online but here is a link to my favorite pajama top that I got last month
Wearing a size small- runs true to size
This jacket is actually so soft on the inside and not only is it super cute but it is $17.99!
Jacket- Not Online (11/16)
Now lastly, this dress. I’m actually really sad because I thought it was going to be a lot cuter when I saw it on the hanger. Unfortunately it was a miss. It also was a size to big because they were out of my size which could have been a factor.

Christmas Guides!

I hope you enjoy these gift guides! They are parent and Kyle approved. I chose sites that have good return policies as well just incase your special someone isn’t happy with their gift/ the size or color🌟

Guides for – Her, Him, In-laws, Runners, and Teachers.

Starbucks Quality Coffee at Home

Hey Guys! So fun fact about me I was a Starbucks Barista for 2 1/2 years. With that being said I would say I am someone you could trust when it comes to coffee. 
**Links at the end


The coffee system my fiancé and I use is the Nespresso VertuoPlus. We purchased the bundle that included the milk frother. If you enjoy drinking your coffee hot, and use milk/creamer, I HIGHLY recommend getting the milk frother, it is life changing. Prior to having a Nespresso, I owned two different espresso machines in the $100-250 range. Both of the machines I owned were worse than the Nespresso for three reasons. First, the Nespresso machine simply produces higher quality tasting coffee. Secondly, the Nespresso machine is much for time efficient. Thirdly, the other espresso machines I had were much messier than the Nespresso. The last two factors are attributed to having to grind the coffee beans, then pack and tamper the espresso, brew the espresso, and then clean the device that the ground espresso was brewed in; a lengthy and messy process! Nespresso pods are pre-ground, you put the pod into the machine to brew, and then the machine has an automatic system that empty’s the pod into a trashcan-like feature on the back of the machine.

Double Shot 
Single shot 

These two pods are my current go to’s for my coffee drinks. I am going to preface this by stating that I prefer a lighter, sweet tasting espresso versus the strong, almost burnt tasting espresso   (Nespresso goes into great detail describing each of their pods)

This is my current go to flavoring. I am all about the pumpkin spice! I found this flavoring at my local Safeway; it is the Torani pure made sauce, Pumpkin Pie flavored. They also have a syrup but the sauce taste more like Starbucks pumpkin spice syrup.


Fun fact Starbucks uses their cups to measure out their drinks! If you purchases their $3.00 reusable cup you will be able to easily measure out your coffee at home JUST like Starbuck’s does!
The indentation on the base of the cup is approximately how much syrup should be in your drink. If you are purchasing your syrup from Starbucks just ask for a pump as well and then you can have more accurate results. If you don’t have a pump just eyeball it/ use the indentation. Since the sauce does not have a pump you can just use the indentation. I go a little below the line becuase I like mine a little less sweet.

Syrup Pumps 
Venti (Iced)- 6
Venti (Hot)-5

After you add your syrup add your shot I use one double shot and one single shot in mine because I’m making a Venti sized Iced latte. Once my shots are in my cup I mix it so the syrup mixes/disintegrates into my hot espresso prior to adding my cold milk.

3 shots for a venti
2 shots for a gande
1 shot for a tall 

Standard milk used is 2% but you can use whatever you want, I use whole milk for my drinks. Fill  the milk of your choice and fill it to the top black line and then fill with ice and you are ready to go.

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Target Finds 9/21

Target Try-On 9/21
Hey, guys here are all the items I shared on my story! I linked everything they had online. If it is not linked that means it is currently only in stores 🙂 If you are ordering online everything fit me true to size. The grey sweater dress does run a little big but I think that’s the style of the dress. If you want the dress to fit tighter size down. Enjoy ❤

Bought the dress

Bought the dress

Sweater- small (not online)
Bought the top and the jeans 
Sweater- medium (SO SOFT)

Bought the top and the jeans
Top- small (also bought in black)

Bought the top and the jeans
Top- small (SO SOFT)

Bought the Cardigan 
Cardigan- small ( I also own this in a mustard yellow color)

Bought the Jeans

Bought this whole outfit 
Top-small  (SO SOFT)

Also bought- Grey Leopard Sweater 
Women’s VNeck Pull-Over 

These are the booties I wear ALL the time I bought my pair last years so they’re a little different and cost a little more! But they go with everything:)   Not online 😦 found these at the Flagstaff Target.

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