Target Finds 11/16

Target is for sure one of my favorite stores. I honestly should stop going there for the sake of my bank account but…. I can’t stop lol, it’s addicting. I have been bad about sharing my target finds on my blog but they’re always on my Instagram. If you are not following me already and would like to see more frequent fashion finds/lifestyle tips, follow me! You will find me under @meredithsfinds!

Below I have all the items that I tried on along with a link to the items that are available online!

Wearing a size small- runs true to size
This coat is great for the holidays, it’s a cozy sherpa material on the outside while the inside is almost a jersey material. I was actually happy the sherpa material wasn’t on the inside because it will make layering much easier. I hate when I take my coat or jacket off and the material sheds onto my shirt underneath! This coat will not leave you with that problem.
Wearing a size small- runs true to size
I have been eyeing this sweater for a long time! It is very soft on the inside and I love what it says. The colors are very fun, yet neutral, which is awesome because I will be able to wear it with anything.
plus sized option –
Wearing a size medium (they were out of my size)
This jacket will keep you very warm! It feels very well made. I found this quarter zip in the work out section.
Full Zip Version-
top and bottoms are a size small- runs true to size
OMG these pajama pants feel like nothing i’ve ever felt before. I knew they would be comfortable just by feeling them but once these bad boys were on my legs holy cow it was life changing! The top was also very cozy.
Pajama Pants-
Pajama Sweatshirt- wasn’t online but here is a link to my favorite pajama top that I got last month
Wearing a size small- runs true to size
This jacket is actually so soft on the inside and not only is it super cute but it is $17.99!
Jacket- Not Online (11/16)
Now lastly, this dress. I’m actually really sad because I thought it was going to be a lot cuter when I saw it on the hanger. Unfortunately it was a miss. It also was a size to big because they were out of my size which could have been a factor.

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