Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home – Smile Brilliant

Hello everyone I have officially completed my Smile Brilliant journey. I had a wonderful experience. I have always wanted whiter teeth but have had such a horrible experiences when whiting my teeth. In the past I have used several different whitening strips but had no luck. I was never content with my results and then the sensitivity that I would experience made the whole experience not worth it. I don’t know if I just have sensitive teeth or if my dental history is the reason. I’ve had several cavities in the past and I have two caps on my back molars.

Smile Brilliant costs around $150 which sounds like hefty price just for white teeth. But Smile Brilliant definitely makes it worth your while. With smile brilliant you get custom whitening trays molded to your teeth. They send you a very detailed kit explaining how to create your molds (if you have trouble I created an IGTV video to help you though the process). It took about a week to get my whitening trays back after sending in my molds in. When I got my molds back they we a perfect fit and they even checked in to make sure I was satisfied with them.

Results– This is a before and after photo of my teeth prior to using smile brilliant and then after using smile brilliant. I got 10 sessions out of my kit but I could have gotten more if I used less of the gel each time. I was very content with my results. I chose not to use my kit every day. If I used it everyday for 10 days back to back I feel as if my result would have been even better. I just did not want to risk feeling any sensitivity.

Before-Smile Brilliant After- Smile Brilliant

**Photos from my entire experience are at the end of this blog post

Helpful Links

Smile Brilliant: https://www.smilebrilliant.com/#meredithsfinds custom

whitening trays: https://www.smilebrilliant.com/articles/benifits-of-choosing-custom-fitted-teeth-whitening-trays#meredithsfinds

sensitivity: https://www.smilebrilliant.com/articles/tooth-sensitivity-causes-solutions-prevention#meredithsfinds

desensitizing gel: https://www.smilebrilliant.com/product/sensitive-teeth-gel#meredithsfinds

Packaging: 9/10- everything included in my smile brilliant box was very organized and easy to use. It was a very instagramable experience but I do wish that it included a whitening scale so you could see what level of whiteness my teeth started vs what you ended at. In retrospect, I wish that I purchased this on amazon before using smile brilliant so I could better share my results. here is an example of the scale I wish the kit included

Customer Service: 10/10- I was more than pleased with the customer experience I received. They have such a friendly, helpful, and understanding staff.

Sensitivity: 8/10 – I did not experience any crazy sensitivity while using Smile Brilliant, thanks to the desensitizing gel! I also have very sensitive teeth. I did space out each of my whitening sessions though so that could be a factor.

Outcome: 10/10- I am so happy with how my teeth turned out! I love how after I whitened my teeth it didn’t just make them look white for that one day. My results have lasted for awhile now and are still going strong!

Overall Process: 10/10- This is the best whitening experience I have had by far! I have used countless amounts of strips and brands in the past and they don’t even compare to Smile Brilliant. A huge reason why I love smile brilliant is the lack of sensitivity I felt! Whitening strips would make my teeth sensitive for the rest of the day and I still would not be content with my result.

GIVEAWAY- You could get your very own whitening kit customized to your teeth for free!! Click on this link and enter my giveaway for your very own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit! These kits are valued at $150. (Giveaway ends in 2 weeks at 8:45pm) www.smilebrilliant.com/g/meredithsfinds

**if 25 need to enter in order to choose a winner

These are pictures from before Smile Brilliant to after Smile Brilliant. I took photos after each whitening session. Near the end I started to space out my whitening sessions which may have effected my results. If you were to do them back to back I believe your results would be even better!


Professional Teeth Whitening //www.smilebrilliant.com/widget-article/meredithsfinds

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