EWG APP and Transitioning to Clean Beauty

I heard about the EWG app a few months ago and was too scared to see the harsh reality of all my beauty products. I was scared that I would be so disgusted with the ingredients in my products that I would end up having nothing to use and my wallet was not ready to take that kinda hit. Can you imagine having to buy all new makeup, skincare, and haircare?!?! I buy two things at Sephora and feel so guilty. Yet as my skin started to progressively worsen and so did my conscience (knowing that I could be using harmful products on my skin didn’t settle well) so I decided it was about time to take a look at my products and their ingredients. So I downloaded the EWG app and oh my word over half of my products had ingredients that were either cancer, allergy, or developmental concerns. No wonder I was breaking out and feeling guilty about the products I was using. If you think about it though it makes sense everything we put on our skin it absorbs…… Our skin is the largest organ in our body so why don’t we respect it more? Also, guys, cosmetic regulations haven’t been updated since 1938 in the US!!!!!!!


So after throwing /giving away the majority of my beauty products I decided that I was only going to purchase products from here on out that have relatively clean ingredients and are cruelty-free (I still have some products that have clean (ish) ingredients but are not cruelty-free. I am going to continue to use them but will not be repurchasing). Before purchasing anything from now on out I will look up each product to make sure it was cruelty-free and has clean ingredients. The EWG app allows you to look up individual ingredients and products. The app will rate the product and or ingredient and explain why it can be harmful. Not all products are in their database, especially newer products. Yet you can submit products you would like for them to add to the database. It is sad to me that you have you go through such a hassle to find the truth about the ingredients in our beauty products. Just because a company is raving about all the good ingredients in their products doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding bad ones on the back of the bottle. That’s why it is so important to look up each ingredient (yes it’s a hassle but it will make you feel better about spending $30 on that new foundation).

Why is it important to have products with clean ingredients?

Let me ask you a question. Why do people try to eat healthy? Because it is “good for them”, ” makes them feel better “, “their body is a temple” etc. Well, why eat healthy if you’re putting harsh ingredients on your face that could be cancerous? Your girl loves hot Cheetos but I know I shouldn’t eat them because they are bad for me. Yet I can make excuses about my foundation because it’s pretty…. Yet it includes harsh ingredients? It doesn’t make much sense to me. Now don’t get me wrong I am new at this whole clean beauty thing but I kept putting it off because someone would share these new products and I would be so influenced to purchase them that I didn’t even care to look at its ingredient nor did I know better. Yet a few months ago I started to hear more about clean beauty and knew that I needed to check out my beauty products but I was too scared to see the reality of the products that I have been using and sharing. But it wasn’t fair to myself or you guys to share products that could be harmful. Also, why would I spend all this money on a beauty product that is going to hurt me? Why wouldn’t I use that same money to find a product that does the same thing yet is good for me? So I finally decided to make the switch. I saved up some money and decided it was time to treat my skin and body with more respect. I am not saying you’re a bad person if you don’t use clean beauty products. I just needed to share this APP and my reasons of why I switched to clean beauty products, so you could know more about clean beauty and why I’m not using products that I use to share. I respect all your choices. Just know that from this point forward I will not be recommending any products that I don’t think are good for your skin. I am still learning so all of my recommendations might not be perfect but let’s learn together and make our skin great again.

-Meredith Foreman


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