Let’s Get Organized

Today’s blog post is dedicated to different items that help with the organization of my apartment. These are things I have personally purchased or am going to buy to help organize my apartment. A one-bedroom apartment with two dogs and my fiancé is getting a little tricky to keep clean. Within this blog post, I will include different organization tips a trick.

All of the photos in this post are “shop-able”. If you like something just click on it and it will take you to where you can buy that item!

Let’s get started!

Let’s start with the bathroom. Above this, you will see some images of different organizational/ storage items that I recommend for the bathroom. First is the rotating beauty organizer. I have this on my counter so that I have all the products I use frequently readily available. This helps me know exactly where everything is without having to search through a drawer. It also prevents me from leaving everything scattered on my countertop. This would also be great for under your sink!

Next, you will see some stackable drawers these drawers are great for under your sink. These help with proving more storage. I personally will use an expo marker to label what’s inside. Lastly are these stackable bins for inside your drawers. These are great because you can customize them to meet your needs. I use mine to organize my makeup and other beauty products.


Ottomans are great for living rooms, bedrooms, or where you need extra seating! We have two of these in our apartment. One of our ottomans is in our living room and we use it to store board games and extra blankets. The second ottoman is in our bedroom and we use it for clothing! I Highly recommend an ottoman of some sort. Wayfair has a ton of options! They act as extra seating as well which is great if you have limited space. Our dogs love the one in our bedroom it acts as there dog bed! They also sometimes have ottomans on sale at Home-goods, TJmaxx, or Ross.

Let’s talk about jewelry! I absolutely hate when jewelry is in plain sight and looks like a hot mess. The hanging option is a great way to store all of my jewelry! None of my stuff gets tangled and I don’t have to look at it unless I want to. I use mine for things I don’t wear as frequently because I do tend to forget about it. I am defiantly the type of person that if it is not in my line of sight I probably will not use that item or wear it. The acrylic organizer is ascetically pleasing in my opinion so this sits on my dresser/counter with my jewelry that is nicer/something I wear often.

This drawer organizer has been LIFE changing for me. My undergarment drawer was a HOT MESS before I bought these. The one thing that Kyle use to make fun of me for was my dresser drawers. I defiantly am one to shove things into drawers if I don’t have a clear system for organizing my things. I have lost so many socks and never had a pair of socks that matched ready to go but now that I use this system I always have a pair of socks ready for when I need them!

These kitchen items are fairly self-explanatory! I own the bamboo utensil organizer and love it! We also like having the gorilla grip throughout our cabinets it keeps them nice and clean. Lastly, the bamboo bins are great for organizing smaller things especially great for a coffee bar!


This last item is a bit of a splurge but I cannot stand how our wire crate looks especially since we live in a small apartment! Not only would these look better in our apartment but they could be used as a side table! You could use yours differently but how we have our apartment set up that is how we would use ours.

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