About Me

My name is Meredith Foreman and started blogging in the beginning of 2019. I love blogging because it allows me to share with you things that I and am passionate about. I absolutely hate the feeling of ordering something online just to return it. That is one of the main reasons I decided to start blogging so that you guys can see things that I love or that have worked out for me so you don’t have to go through returning your online orders or buying something that breaks 2 weeks later. Buy something MF vetted so you hopefully don’t have that problem.

I have an evolving well rounded fashion sense. Most of the stuff I buy is normally comfy, versatile, and on sale. Don’t get me wrong I also am all about fun non practical clothing items. One thing I will warn you about do not buy everything I share because thats just not practical. Buy what you love not what you like. Best advice I can give you is if you find something you like wait 24-72 hours and if your still are thinking about it and its within your budget then treat your self!

I am currently transitioning into using only clean make up, skincare, and haircare products. I recently found out about this app called EWG and it breaks down all the harmful ingredients in your products. Now I just try to purchase clean beauty products that are cruelty free. Most of the products that I buy are just as good as my old products and can be purchased at Sephora.

I live in Arizona and teach elementary school. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart and we have two fur babies. I love coffee, I seriously can’t function without it. I am the third child and my mom kinda let having coffee at a young age go and now I’m a full on coffee addict. I use to work at coffee shop too so that didn’t really help but now I can make killer coffee at home so that is a plus.

Happy reading while I continue to happy blog (with a cup of coffee in my hand of course)

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